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The reality of living in developing countries and war zones, could not be further away from the decadence that Halloween is in Australia.

My son is 4.5 and despite always having protected him from the cruelty that the news is, we recently have started chatting about how lucky (and spoiled) he is, and that 'not all children have a lot of food', when he is again refusing his dinner. His response to that was 'thats not true there are shops everywhere to buy food'... We are currently confronted on a daily basis with the heartbreaking footage of the poor war child victims in Syria, which we have to avoid airing when our kids are around!... How to teach him better than to create an awareness without scarring him for life, by educating him and his friends gently about 'real life' though a fundraise.
Being an emergency physician I feel even more involved, and frustrated. I have friends who worked in dangerous war zones, and were days away from being bombarded and killed in Kunduz Hospital.

This Halloween I am organising a fundraise (and if successful subsequent years as well!), by replacing the 'Treats' by gold coin donations for the less fortunate, through MSF. It's a great opportunity to teach our children, avoid the sugar overdose related tantrums, and even use our creativity, by designing collection boxes and awesome Halloween outfits.

Please help them by giving whatever you can collect on Halloween using the 'Give Now' button. Obviously non Halloween related donations are welcome too!
The more people that know about Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia and this fundraise, the greater our impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your involvement and generosity, it means a lot!
(Remember your online donations are tax deductible!)

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